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Razvan Botezatu spunea...


My name is Botezatu Razvan but I go by as Jordan. I am from Targu-Ocna which is situated in Bacau, Romania. Last year, after I graduated high-school, I came to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI in order to further my studies. I am now in my sophomore year, my current major is pre-dental and I find myself in a terrible situation. I got news from my sponsor a few months back that he can’t help me financially anymore due to a very serious illness which requires an extremely expensive treatment.

As I am now I do not have the means to cover all the costs required because my family and I have spent a lot of time and money in order to get where I am today. This has put its mark on my personal life but also on my school performance. I had to split my time to prepare to come here and also study for finals and the Baccalaureate.

The college pays half the costs through the financial aid and scholarships I receive and the rest was covered by my sponsor, about $20,000.00; it varies from year to year. I also have a part-time job in the maintenance group for which I am paid $8.00/hour and I can work only 10 hours a week and only on campus because I am an international student. I can roughly make about $2,500.00/ year from it and another $3,000.00 during the summer working full-time, which is not nearly enough to cover what I need, because I cannot cover the remainder of ~$15,500.00/year.

I have contacted hundreds of people and only a handful replied from which I have gotten a lot of advice of what I could do but I got no concrete results afterwards. I considered making a loan but I cannot obtain one without a person that is an American citizen due to my status.

I only have my mother and younger sister to help me at this point, and even though their support and love are most valuable to me, they unfortunately cannot help me with this financial matter. My father died when I was four and my mom was single most of the time since.

What I ask of you with this message is information. I figured that you might know some influential people (not necessarily Romanian) from your area or farther, that might be able to and want to help me with this situation. Or maybe you happen to know of a foundation or a scholarship that I could have overlooked in my searches.

Thank you so much for your time and I wish you a blessed day :)


Anonim spunea...

Trei pictorite romance sint invitate la expozitia de group care va avea loc intre 12 si 23 februarie 2014 la Centre Culturel de Pierrefonds (Quebec) si anume Anca Ciupitu, Doina Falcon si Tatiana Sragar. Vernisajul expozitiei are loc le data de 15 februarie 2014, intre orele 14 si 16, ocazie de a le intilni pe talentatele noastre concetatene.

Denise Mihalache spunea...

Buna ziua, o adresa de e-mail de contact se poate va rog frumos? Cu multe multumiri!

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